michael mack freelance writer

writing artfully
on science and technology

Freelance writer Michael Mack has delivered elegant print and web-based content to high profile organizations for nearly 20 years.

Focusing on complex scientific and technical projects – with a special interest in promotional collateral – Mack has produced timely documentation for clients and end-users including:

Mack has written both for the general public and for specialized audiences, creating a wide array of products:

  • News Media. Press releases, articles, interviews, news briefs, newsletters
  • Worldwide Web. Internet content, online features, web reference documentation
  • Executive Reporting. Annual reports, executive summaries, proposals, project descriptions
  • Marketing. Promotional collateral, brochures, pamphlets, cards, posters, flyers
  • Software Documentation. User manuals, data dictionaries, release notes, help modules, tutorials
  • Education. Training materials, presentations, editing of scientific and scholarly papers

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Michael Mack

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In a career spanning nearly two decades, Mack has gained expertise in disciplines ranging from real estate, biological processes, genetic engineering and mental health, to software development, mechanical engineering, complex systems, innovation and product development.

Blending a clean, fluid style with rigorous organization and attention to detail, Mack has provided suites of written deliverables to satisfied clients in academia, government, and industry.